Become a foster parent

Give hope a home.

Be a foster parent.

For a weekend. For a year. For a lifetime.

Open your door and help children and families restore hope for a better future.

Have you wanted to learn more about how being a foster parent can help families, but it was never the right time? One phone call today to 844-855-CARE can help start you on your way to help transform a family's future. Or provide your information below, and we'll contact you.

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Levels of Involvement

There are choices for your level of involvement. You can be a respite parent where you care for a child on a limited basis such as weekends, a full-time foster parent, or adopt a child for a lifetime. Regardless, you will help a child.

Your options include:

  • Therapeutic Foster Care serves children in need of out of home placement.  These children have been removed from their caregivers as a result of abuse/neglect or PINS petitions. Foster parents receive at least weekly home visits from the clinical case manager assigned to each child.  These children usually have a high level of behavioral and emotional needs which requires well trained and supported foster parents.  Foster parents also receive respite when needed.

  • Specialized Foster Care is similar to Therapeutic Foster Care although the needs of the children are lower and foster parents receive less contact and support from the program. These children are usually in the process of returning home to their parents or relatives.  There are times that Foster Parents are open to adopting children if they do not have a permanency resource.  Some teens decide to remain in Foster Care and work on Independent Living Skills.

  • Overnight Respite Services are provided by foster parents when children need overnight respite.  These children may be in the foster care program or home with their birth families.  This respite can be offered on a recurring weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

  • Hourly Respite Services are provided by per diem employees.  These respite providers work with children in the home or community and base their activities on the childs treatment goals and individual interests.

  • Bridge Families provide twice a month respite for youths placed in residential care.  These young people often have limited access to normative family experiences and need assistance in becoming successful in family settings.  Bridge families offer them hope, a model of family life, a viable adult resource and emotional support.

  • TFCO (Therapeutic Foster Care of Oregon) is a highly structured program that offers a family setting for youths ages 12-19 in jeopardy of placement in secure detention, group or residential placement.  Foster parents provide 6-12 month long placements to youths transitioning to more permanent living arrangements.  Foster parents receive daily phone check ins with foster care staff, have multiple supportive providers in their home, and attend a weekly clinical meeting.

You're an important part that makes it all possible. So make the call. And open your door.