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Campus Updates

August 28, 2020

    2020.08.14_edit.jpeg   2020.08.28_BHCC_parking_lot_prep2-edit.jpeg

With the completion of the demolition of our former Lathrop building, we are loving the views of the Behavioral Health Care Center. 

August 3, 2020

2020.08.03_Lathrop_Demolition1-_edit.jpeg  2020.08.03_Lathrop_Demolition2.jpeg

 After more than 50 years of service, the RTC building makes way for the next generation of residential care at Northern Rivers. 

July 30, 2020 

IMG_0256.JPG     IMG_1270-edit.JPG

Construction is underway of our new pavilion on the Academy Road campus. We are already planning our first BBQ! 

July 28, 2020

Join for a virtual ribbon cutting and tour of our newest residence, Academy Place. We’ll send a Zoom link to those who RSVP. We hope to see you there!


July 23, 2020

With staff and residents moved into the new Academy Place building, it’s important that you know that removal of the former Residential Treatment Center building (Lathrop Cottage) will begin tomorrow, July 24, 2020. The demolition project is expected to take several weeks, with the major work being completed on the first day. There will be noise and vibrations throughout the day, however, dust will be contained within the site as required by regulation. 

When demolition is concluded, our contractors will build the previously announced new parking lot and complete site work, landscaping, and beautification efforts. The construction gate will remain closed for the duration of the project, which has an estimated completion date of October 1.

We encourage you to follow the project progress at If you have questions or concerns, please contact 518.429.4459 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

July 1, 2020

The building portion of the construction is completed. We can't wait to move the youth in next week. 

 IMG 1211   IMG 1216

June 23, 2020

We are so proud of our Youth Ambassadors. Congratulations on your high school graduation!

IMG 1175    IMG 1177


June 9, 2020

 2020.06.09_Sidewalk1.jpg    2020.06.09_Sidewalk1.jpg

The front of the campus is getting a facelift this week.  New sidewalks were poured and the front entrance will be repaved. 

June 4, 2020

IMG_1120.JPG   IMG_1131.jpg

The group residence staff are preparing for their moves in a few weeks. We can't wait to get everyone settled into their new space. 

May 28, 2020

2020.05.28_RTC_Bathrooms1.jpeg   2020.05.28_RTC_Bathrooms2.jpeg  

The tile is almost completed in the new RTC building.