Schaffer Children’s Shelter

The Schaffer Children’s Shelter is an 8-bed diagnostic facility that serves children from the ages of 4 – 12. The shelter is licensed by the New York State Office for Children and Family Services.

Often children with histories of trauma exhibit behaviors that become unmanageable in their homes. The children’s shelter offers a complete 30-45 day diagnostic that includes a comprehensive psychosocial and behavioral assessment, as well as psychiatric, individual psychological and family assessment. These three assessments are conducted by three different doctors, each of whom is licensed in his or her respected field. The ability to utilize three different doctors allows for a comprehensive overview of the child and family. The children’s shelter prides itself in providing recommendations and a road map for success for the child and family.   

Schaffer Children’s Shelter is also able to provide brief emergency respites for children in crisis. These are children who are not in need of hospitalization but can benefit from a short stay out of their family home. The goal of emergency respite is to provide families with a break, thus preventing out of home placement for the children.

Available Services 
  • Behavioral Management
  • Comprehensive Psychological Assessment
    • Projective and IQ testing
    • Psychiatric assessment
    • Family Assessment
    • Comprehensive write up synthesizing the assessments of Doctors and the behavioral observations of the child in the facility
    • At the conclusion of the assessment the local district is provided with a document containing all of the reports and assessments.
  • Stabilization of the child
  • Improved daily functioning at home, in school, and in the community
  • Care givers are more understanding of and better prepared to manage their child’s behaviors and emotional needs
  • A better understanding of how the child and families background impacts their current functioning.
  • A comprehensive document that can provide guidance to future service providers.
  • Comprehensive Genogram of the family.
Who can access services? 

The diagnostic program is available to children ages 4-12 currently in the care and custody of their local DSS.  Emergency respite is available to some private insurance companies and certain local county mental health offices.

How are services accessed?

Call (518) 346-4251 for more information or bed availability. The shelter accepts referrals 24 hours a day. Each child is screened to determine if they are appropriate for the program.

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