Parent Effectiveness and Intervention Program

The Parent Effectiveness and Intervention Program (PEIP) integrates a classroom setting, where an evidence-based parenting curriculum, called Active Parenting, is presented, with home-based parent education and support. This model ensures that parents are provided key parenting skills and can implement those skills in the home. The parenting services are provided by specially trained and experienced clinical professionals. The premise is that teaching effective parent management skills and providing home-based support helps prevent abuse and neglect and reduces the need for placement. Classes are provided for parents of children in the following age groups:  1-3 years old, 4-12 years old and adolescents.


What are the services available?

Specific services offered by the PEIP master’s level Senior Parent Educator and the bachelor’s level Parent Educator include but are not limited to the following:

  • Thorough assessment of parenting needs and recommendations based on these needs
  • Curriculum- based parent education instruction/ classes
  • Classes for various age ranges including 1- 3 year olds, 4- 12 year olds, and adolescents
  • Home- based parent education follow- up and intervention
  • Child care including social skills groups are available as needed during class time
  • Teen psychoeducational groups are available as needed during class time
  • Transportation assistance is available as needed for parenting classes
  • Classroom instruction and home- based follow- up on parenting needs and interventions
  • Classes that address parent and child needs at key developmental milestones
  • Curriculums that address child development; parenting styles; non-violent discipline skill building; setting rules that are appropriate for the child’s level of development; using encouragement to help children learn positive behavior and parent self-care
  • Additional topic material is included, as needed, and may include information on Shaken Baby Syndrome, Early Intervention Services, nutrition, media influences and substance use (including second hand smoke)
  • Other community service providers with expertise in relevant areas are brought in to present information, as needed
  • Improved opportunity for children to remain safely within their home, school, and community
  • Parents more understanding of and better prepared to manage their child’s behaviors and emotional needs
  • No cost to families
Who can access services?

PEIP specifically targets referrals from the Columbia County Department of Social Services and other approved community service providers where parenting skills education is needed.

How are services accessed?

Contact Tara Sprenger, LMHC, Senior Parent Educator (518.788.5312) or Katherine Edge, MS, Program Coordinator (518.719.8066 x-6109) for more information.

When are services available?

Day and evening home- based sessions are Monday through Friday. Classes are offered on specific evenings Monday through Friday.

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