Intensive Family Empowerment Program (In-home Respite)

A short-term, intensive home based prevention program offers a variety of supportive and skill building services to families whose children are at imminent risk of removal from the home. Children at risk may be disruptive in school, assault others, run away, engage in vandalism, theft or drug abuse. By providing intense support, behavior modification plans, skill building, and therapeutic recreation, behaviors are improved allowing the child to remain at home.

Referrals for the Intensive Family Empowerment Program are accepted from the Schenectady County Department of Social Services, Department of Probation and Office of mental Health.

What are the services available?

Support services, therapeutic recreation, case management, parent education, skill building, and behavior modification. Experienced, professional Clinical Case Managers meet weekly for a minimum of 6 hours.

  • Complete a Comprehensive Family Assessment and/or CANS Assessment to identify the family’s strengths and needs
  • Create a specific treatment plan addressing the reason for referral with measurable goals, time frames, and interventions
  • Provide a minimum of 6 hours of in-home and community- based treatment each week
  • Teach new ways of thinking and develop new skills that result in positive behavior changes
  • Offer therapeutic recreation, transportation to weekly clinical appointments, and work closely with school personnel
  • Link children and families to community agencies
  • Coordination with other professionals involved in the families care
  • Six months of intensive support from experienced clinical case managers
  • Improved daily functioning at home, in school, and in the community
  • Parents are more understanding of and better prepared to manage their child’s behaviors and emotional needs
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Prevention of placement of children outside the home or in a psychiatric hospital
Who can access services?

Any Schenectady County resident who is referred for services by the Department of Social Services, Probation Department of Office of mental Health. The program serves children ages 5-17.

How are services accessed?

Contact Kelly Singsheim, BA, Program Coordinator at 346-1285 ext. 7571 or ; your local Department of Social Services, Probation Department or Office of Mental Health.

When are services available?

Monday – Friday with flexible hours available.

We pride ourselves on the unmatched quality of our services, and are pleased to report that in 2012:

  • 85% of our clients were satisfied with services they received at Northeast
  • 95% of parents/guardians were satisfied with services their family received at Northeast
  • 94% of our foster parents were satisfied with Northeast services in managing children in their home

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