Family Outreach Services

Family Outreach Services provides support to parents who are overwhelmed and unable to provide a safe, stable home environment for their children. Clinical Case Managers help parents take charge and connect with community resources to assist the entire family. The goals of the program are to keep the children in their natural homes and assist families whose children are transitioning home from placement.

Family Outreach Services accepts referrals from the Schenectady County Department of Social Services and Probation Department.

What are the services available?

Support services, case management, budgeting, parent education, home organization and time management. Experienced, professional, Clinical Case Managers meet weekly at the family’s home for a period of 1-2 hours.

  • Hold weekly meetings at the family’s home
  • Complete a Comprehensive Family Assessment and/or CANS Assessment to identify the family’s strengths and needs
  • Teach parents how to childproof their home, use age appropriate play and discipline, and improve family interaction
  • Focus on household organization and management through a daily routine, budget, and meal preparation schedule
  • Help to arrange or provide transportation to shopping, medical, and dental appointments
  • Assist in dealing with housing problems, such as disputes with landlords or health department officials, or finding a new home
  • Offer parent education individually and/or in a group format
  • Supervise the family’s visit with children who are placed outside of the home in an effort to reunify and strengthen the family\
  • Coordinate with other professionals involved in the family’s care
  • Hands-on-in home support
  • Mastery of concrete parenting and household management skills to create a safe, nurturing environment
  • Experience accessing key community resources
  • Better educated parents which will reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect and incidence of children being removed from their homes
  • Increased independence for the parent
  • Parents empowered to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families
Who can access services?

Any Schenectady County resident who is referred for services by the Department of Social Services or Department of Probation. The program serves children from birth to age 16.

How are services accessed?

Contact Kelly Singsheim, BA, Program Coordinator at 346-1285 ext. 7571 or ; your local Department of Social Services or Probation Department.

When are services available?

Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm or evening hours as needed.

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