Bridges to Health (B2H)

Northeast Parent & Child Society is a Health Care Integration Agency for Bridges to Health (B2H), serving 17 counties in Region 4. B2H is an OCFS Medicaid Waiver program that supports the health and well being of foster children, allowing those with serious emotional disturbances, developmental disabilities, and medical fragility to receive supplementary services not otherwise available. The goal is to prevent institutional placement or hospitalization and reduce the number of children who live in foster care settings.

Available Services:

Each youth and family is assigned a Health Care Integrator (HCI) who:

  • completes a comprehensive assessment and develops an individual plan for each child.
  • identifies regional services that allows the child to remain in his/her home community.
  • ensures the implementation and coordination of all services.


Each youth and family is provided services by Northeast Parent & Child Society and/or approved agencies in their own communities. These 13 waiver services include:

  • support and training for successful functioning at home and in the community
  • planned and crisis respite to provide relief for the child and family
  • in-home training and support in addressing, avoiding, and reducing crises
  • 24-hour in-home crisis response and stabilization
  • development of self-help and adaptive skills
  • prevocational training and work setting support
  • assistance in addressing special needs in-home and at school
  • adaptive and assistive technology and accessibility modifications for children with disabilities
  • Reduced number of mental health and medical hospitalizations
  • Increased number of youth discharged from foster care or institutional care
  • Fewer referrals to higher levels of care
  • More successful adoptions
  • Higher chance of success in preventive or aftercare programs
  • Enhanced ability for families to support youth’s disability or health care issues
  • Youth up to age 21 receive up to $50,000 of supplementary services per year.
  • Youth safely remain in their own homes and communities during treatment
  • Skills learned allow for better functioning of youth in family unit
  • Better coordination of services implemented through a single provider
  • Increased number of local service providers
  • Northeast already provides many of the services offered in the B2H program


Who can access services?

Youth are referred to B2H by their county, local Developmental Disability Services Office, or Juvenile Justice. Northeast then assists in the pre-enrollment process to qualify the youth for services.

How are services accessed?

Contact Amanda Capozzi, Director of Bridges to Health at:

518.346.1285 x7527

When are services available?

HCI and Waiver Service providers work with the youth and their family to design a schedule for services that meets their needs and availability.

We pride ourselves on the unmatched quality of our services, and are pleased to report that in 2012:

  • 85% of our clients were satisfied with services they received at Northeast
  • 95% of parents/guardians were satisfied with services their family received at Northeast
  • 94% of our foster parents were satisfied with Northeast services in managing children in their home

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